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My expertise centres on graphic design and branding strategy for small local enterprises, start-ups, and community organisation projects that will leave a lasting impression.


I conduct thorough research, delve into the facts, visit the actual locations, and engage with people, listening to their perspectives. In addition, I continually acquire the necessary skills, ensuring these elements are taken care of throughout my work.


Collaborating with you to metamorphose ideas and aspirations into a creative brief and feature set, ready to be meticulously brought to life.

Operating on a one-to-one basis enables a deeper comprehension of your needs, allowing me to function more akin to a partner.

I deliver graphic design services from traditional print to digital mediums, including wireframing and interface design. These can be presented as fresh styles suitable for Japanese and British markets.

Drawing upon the principles of traditional typography, I facilitate expression with digital-compatible characters. Additionally, I execute Asian aesthetics that incorporate calligraphy, an art form revered in Japan.



I am adept at assembling collaborative teams composed of photographers, illustrators, composers, lawyers, copywriters, and artificial intelligence, in addition to collaborating with clients.

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